restlessminds created room 10D, at the Carlton Arms hotel in New york city 2016


The title for our room is “BACK TO THE CLOSET”, which is a confusing comment on the queer debate. We want the guests to be attracted to change their identities and nuance the discussion about “COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET”. We are playing with the idea that it is possible to come out as whatever… That one’s identity doesn’t have to be connected to their sexuality and that an identity doesn’t have to be fixed – it could change from time to time depending on the moment. We want the room to give the guests the inspiration to become a lamp at a party or walk the street as a potato or just wear a wig. The room will feature sculptures, embroidery, collages, wall paintings, Tesla-technology and costumes. restlessminds



Costumes that was to find in the closet . It was there to trigger the guests to experiment with their identities :

fabian olovson


fabian olovson linda emily al-ghussein


Examples of slides from the 12 meter long wall hanging embroidery: